Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Update on the Lucious Redhead.

I recently stopped by to check on my favorite Redhead ever.. The Rustic Redhead.
This sweet beauty has moved into her dream location downtown Belton across from The Gin.
Her smile is radiant and you can tell she is exactly where she feels at home. The Rustic Redhead was recently voted BEST IN WOMENS APPAREL!!

The Rustic Redhead added a local artist to her clothing collection."ROOT" is the name of the brand, this artist use to design for Abercombie & Fitch. Belton Tigers are super lucky!!! Look at this awesome designs!! Size range from (S to XL) only for $35 dollars!!
Do you know Consuela? Brightly colored patterned purses with easy to clean plastic interior.
That excites me! Colors and patterns exploding everywhere.
These beauties range from ($35-$250)
While browsing around I noticed these amazing wedges looking at me everywhere I went. These suede fringe booties are MUST HAVES. The style matches everything being you can dress it up with jazzy pieces or go total boho chic with a flowing maxi. Im dying to purchase these and rock Fall out like no other.
Dont forget to browse the clearance rack!! You can't beat the killer steals!
The Rustic Redheads new location is at 219 South East Belton, Texas.
Swing by...say hello!! Tell her you read this blog :)
Before I leave...this is my MUST HAVE item I personally picked from the store.

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